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New London Orchestra logoThe purpose of the research is to evaluate the impact of a specially designed twenty-week music programme on children aged 6-7 years old in three Primary schools in the London Borough of Newham. The two-term programme (January to June 2011) is led by the New London Orchestra, with funding from J.P. Morgan, working closely with each school's teachers and teaching assistants. The prime focus for the programme is to use musical activities to support the literacy development of participant children. Additional foci are to further the children's musical development and to establish a legacy in the schools of knowledge for how music and literacy activities might be organised so as to be mutually supportive.

project team...

  • Professor Graham Welch, IoE
  • Dr Jo Saunders, IoE
  • Professor Angela Hobsbaum, IoE
  • Dr Evangelos Himonides


  • Research Launch Event, 4 July 2012 (invitation)
  • Final Research Report and Executive Summary (PDF)

contact information

· Dr Jo Saunders · New London Orchestra official website
· J.P.Morgan official website