with Professor David Howard, University of York (reference GR/T21240/01)

Netvotech project logoThis was a two-year funded research network in voice and technology under the EPSRC Culture and Creativity Programme. It built on an earlier (2003-2004) £50,000 Arts and Humanities Research Board (AHRC) Innovations research grant on the use of technology in the singing studio (see above). The network's main aim has been to deliver innovative research proposals in the area of technology and the human voice in performance, designed to enhance (i) professional vocal performances (spoken and singing) and (ii) the audience experience during live vocal presentations. The network embraced vocal performers, teachers, ENT consultants, speech and language therapists, vocal hygiene specialists, child and adolescent voice specialists, phoneticians, linguists, voice scientists, engineers, musicians and choral conductors from the UK and overseas.

The network held various one-day voice technology workshops in York and London, as well as international network meetings at the 2005 Pan European Voice Congress in London and the 2006 III Physiology and Acoustics of Singing Conference in York. Related presentations have been made to the Australian Voice Association (Sydney, 2005) and to graduate students at the Beijing Conservatoire (2006).

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