National Singing Programme research The National Singing Programme (2007-2011) 'Sing Up' is part of a UK Government initiative to support the development of musical activities under the umbrella of its 'Music Manifesto'.

Included in the intentions of the Programme are that Primary school-aged 'children experience high-quality singing, both within and without their daily school curriculum, on a daily basis' and that 'Every school has a teacher committed to facilitating high quality singing and vocal work for the whole school'.

The 'Sing Up' National Singing Programme was launched in November 2007 and a team from the Institute of Education, University of London, led by Professor Graham Welch, were appointed to undertake a research evaluation of key elements of the Programme. Two prime foci have been identified:

(i) to undertake an initial baseline audit of singing in randomly selected schools and

(ii) to link this baseline data collection to a pre- and post-impact evaluation of particular 'Sing Up' Programme interventions with children and adults (teacher, parents and other professionals involved in promoting singing in community contexts).

project team...

The core research team for the National Singing Programme are:

  • Professor Graham Welch
  • Dr Evangelos Himonides
  • Dr Jo Saunders
  • Dr Ioulia Papageorgi

selected project public output...