Dr Yang YangDr Yang Yang completed undergraduate (College of Music, Northwest Normal University, China) and masters (College of Music, Capital Normal University, China) study in singing performance with distinctions. He is an established professional solo singer in both Western classical and Chinese music. In 2011, he was awarded a PhD in music education by the Institution of Education, University of London. His doctoral research explored pedagogical challenges in the teaching and learning of traditional folk song performance (intangible cultural heritage) in higher education. This included an initial in-depth cultural inquiry into China's higher music education policies since the 1900s, as well as extensive fieldwork with associated acoustic and qualitative data analyses. He has been actively involved in regular public music performances and academic presentations at international conference across a wide range of research fields. Since 2005, he has been responsible for Chinese translations in two leading English-speaking academic publications, Psychology of Music and Research Studies in Music Education, the intention being to promote and facilitate further academic exchange and cooperation amongst international and Chinese higher institutions and music/educational organisations (such as ISME and CMA). Recently, he has co-authored a handbook on singing pedagogies in Chinese music and two articles in singing pedagogy and performance for Chinese academic journals, as well as a number of conference papers for ISME, BVA and PEVOC.

special interests...

Music performance, singing pedagogy, educational technologies, voice and singing science, WEB 2.0 and knowledge transfer.

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