Dr Maria Vraka MartoneDr Maria Vraka-Martone is a researcher and music educator based at the Institute of Education, University of London. She completed her PhD in the same University, under the supervision of professor Graham Welch, on a full scholarship from IKY (Hellenic Institute of Scholarships). She has presented her work in a number of international conferences and has published in a number of peer-reviewed journals and books as a sole author and co-author. Her interests lie in the sphere of perception, psychoacoustics and education. She is specifically interested in the ways that cultural environment influences the development of certain aural abilities (Absolute Pitch in particular), the musical and non-musical effects of music on embryos and infants and the way that pitch perception and cognition can be better studied and understood through the use of graphical computer technology. Maria has an extensive experience in teaching young children, has composed music for a number of children's plays and run workshops about the positive musical and other than musical effects on embryos and infants.

special interests...

Pitch Perception, Music Cognition, Absolute Pitch, Relative Pitch, use of technology in musical learning, enculturation, early music education.

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